30-Day Spirituality Challenge

The idea for this challenge came on quite suddenly, but I think it might be helpful, or interesting, or a lot of fun, for people to think about and write about these topics.  Click on the badge to add it to your widget page — sorry about the size — you’ll have to resize it yourself.  My inner cultural grammarian is telling me to write please before every topic.  Consider it done.  Please remember that the beliefs you hold may not be the same as the person next to you, (figuratively,) and please, keep denigration and condemnation out of your answers.  Here goes:

  • Day 1:  Are you a spiritual person?
  • Day 2:  If you are a spiritual person, why?  If you aren’t, why not?
  • Day 3:  Is your spirituality private, or public?
  • Day 4:  Name three ways you represent your faith in your daily life.
  • Day 5:  Talk about your first spiritual experience.
  • Day 6:  If your spirituality has changed, please explain why.  If not, do you think it could ever change?
  • Day 7:  Are you interested in other world religions?  Which ones?
  • Day 8:  Name and describe your favorite spiritual place.
  • Day 9:  What has been your toughest spiritual conflict?  If you don’t have one, write about what would be a conflict for you, in the practice of your own faith.
  • Day 10:  Can you resolve the conflict?   How?
  • Day 11:   Who is your favorite spiritual author, besides the author of your book of faith, (Bible, Torah, Q’uran, etc.)?
  • Day 12: Describe any public medium by which your faith is broadcast.  How does the word, whatever it may be, get out?
  • Day 13:  Do you participate in organized religious services?  Which ones?  Describe one, please.
  • Day 14:  Do any major dictates of your religion feel wrong to you?  What do you do about the one with which you disagree the most?
  • Day 15:  If you had to live in a culture which represents a different faith from your own, which would it be?   (Assume for the purposes of this topic that no spiritual prejudice exists.  Don’t worry about what others would think of your faith.  Simply tell of the culture you would choose.)
  • Day 16:  Do you write about your spirituality?  Where?  If not, would you consider it?
  • Day 17:  Are your children being brought up in an organized religion?  If you have no children, think about what you’d do if you did.
  • Day 18:  Do you and your significant other share opinions about faith and spirit?
  • Day 19:  Briefly write about someone you know personally whose sense of faith or spirituality is different from yours.
  • Day 20:  What is your favorite spiritual rite or ritual?
  • Day 21:  Does your faith require a public act or profession of faith?  What is it?  If not, can you think of one that would work with your own type of spirituality?
  • Day 22:  Do you have holidays, or holy days?  Which is the most important to you?  If not, please create one.
  • Day 23:  Do you know the story of the beginning of the faith you follow?
  • Day 24:  Name three things in the world today that impact your own spiritual community or spiritual practices.
  • Day 25:  Are you a leader in spiritual endeavors?  Which ones?
  • Day 26:  What day of the week is your day of worship?  Do you have one?  Why?  Why not?
  • Day 27:  Write a letter to someone who does not share your faith, and explain the reasons you would or wouldn’t consider converting to theirs.  (For this topic, please don’t feel like you have to delve deeply into the other’s religion or faith.  Just the highlights will do.)  Remember, you aren’t trying to convince them; you are responding to their effort to convince you.
  • Day 28:  Does your blog reflect your spirituality?  If you don’t have a blog, would it if you did?
  • Day 29:  Name the person in your life who has had the greatest influence on your spiritual beliefs.  If there is no one, name a person in the public eye that you’d like to question about your faith.
  • Day 30:  Has your sense of your own spirituality been changed by participating in this challenge?  Please explain.

Thank you for participating in this challenge.  Please include a link to this website in your posts.  Something like, “This challenge comes from Judith.”  Please feel free to comment on each daily post that uses a topic, and/or include your own responses. Almost all of the topics are way too long for a post title, so feel free to paraphrase, or simply refer to the day of the topic you are considering.  And, finally, this is a 30-Day Challenge, but it does not need to follow the days of any month.  In fact, a space of days or weeks between topics is just fine, as is answering all of them in one day, but if you can do that, you may be the next spiritual leader of a world religion, or else you don’t feel drawn to answer, except for in the most basic terms.  And that is fine too.  Thanks for participating.

7 responses to “30-Day Spirituality Challenge

    • Thank you so much, sterlingsop. I hope you find the challenge a good exercise for you in honing your understanding of the meaning of observing Lent. I’ll be following — I can’t wait to read your responses. Blessings, and welcome. If you’d like, please find my Friends page, and tell me and my readers about yourself and your blog, with the URL. I’d love to have my readers know about you, so they can come to your blog themselves. Welcome!

  1. I think this wwould be a great challenge to conquer. I never ever finish challenges, but I could try. This seems like you need to put a lot of thought into this.

    • Hi, Jill. I hope you decide to try a couple of topics anyway. I’m not going to check up to see if people answer every topic — I wouldn’t want anyone to check on me. Please link any posts you write to me, so that I can read your responses. Nice to see you here, again!

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    • Hi, Nancy. Please feel free to reprint, or transfer, or print it and wrap it around fish ‘n chips, or fried dough, or another one of those lovely foods you get wrapped up in paper. Seriously, I don’t copyright my stuff, and I welcome people sharing it around. And thank you for the compliment. $25,000 of unpaid student loans owed to a seminary that no longer exists at least taught me what questions to ask! 8-)

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