More about Overdoing

Recently, I wrote a post about my tendency to overdo.  My capacity for overdoing  has caused me difficulties throughout my life:  my health, my intellectual pursuits, my relationships with others, my attitude toward money, toward drugs, toward sex.  My life would have been different in most ways, if I had learned to overcome this tendency.

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30 Posts of Truth #11 — Something on which people seem to compliment me a lot.

Twenty years ago, people complimented me on my writing and my delivery of sermons.  I wish I could have said that I was truly inspired, but the fact is, I love performing before people, and the more solemn and stately, the better.  I learned that delivery style while in Rainbow girls, (Masons’ daughters,) as a young teenager,  and I’ll speak in front of anyone, anywhere.

But the content of my sermons was what people seemed to appreciate the most.  I had them all saved on a very old, Tandy-formatted floppy disc, and I lost them all trying to convert them to Mac.  At that time, I’d thought that they might make a good book.  Now, I haven’t done any real writing or speaking in the last decade, until this blog, but after I got over the sweet-little-helper version of myself, and down to the real me, people have begun to say once again that they like my writing.

I think I was talking with S. when I first thought of it, but I said I always wanted to have already written a book, so that the work was behind me and I could accept lavish praises for a job well done.  I don’t feel that way anymore — I’ve returned to the me who can’t type fast enough to get all her words down.  This time, I can say confidently, finally, that I am a writer, and a book just needs me to start telling the story.  I really that about me, too.  (None of that pesky modesty to get in the way!)